Ode to Sandra Jansen

Until 48 hours ago, Sandra Jansen was an Alberta PC MLA who had been a candidate for the party’s leadership. No longer. She’s “crossed the floor” to join the NDP Government.

A major difference is PCs are pro-business and free enterprise. The NDP promotes its anti-privatization agenda in health care, a carbon tax and a higher minimum wage.

[The Liberal party is usually considered in the middle between PC and NDP.] Jason Kenney is a PC leadership candidate.]

Accordingly, the following words just spilled onto the page.

Ode to Sandra Jansen

When Tories turn left and cross the floor

It’s usually because the Liberals have a welcome mat and open door.


But, if you’re pragmatic as Sandra claims to be

You zoom past “Go” and all the doors until you get to NDP.


Because you’re a progressive, now happy as a clam

Conservative is such an ugly word, you have to understand.


So, she hopes she has put on Jason Kenney a hex

In hopes that Santa Claus – and a cabinet post– soon are next.


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