Canucks tarnish reputation by honouring Bertuzzi

So, according to the story and photo in the Edmonton Journal [Dec. 7, 2015] , Todd Bertuzzi can now smile after his cowardly, unprovoked and monstrous destruction of the much smaller Steve Moore. Apologies come immediately, not many weeks later as Bertuzzi’s  “apology” did. Which raised the question: Were his tears and words motivated by litigation or true remorse?

That the Vancouver Canucks would now “honor” him on December 7– the day of the bombing of Pearl Harbour — is disgraceful, appalling and despicable; and it speaks to the culture of the hockey organization. The buck stops at the desk of Trevor Linden, whom I used to admire as an outstanding player and role model. President Roosevelt declared that the attack on Pearl Harbour was “a day that will live in infamy.” So , too, will Bertuzzi’s attack on Moore.

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